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Why drive an electric vehicle (EV):

  • Gas cars are so last century! EVs represent the future for drivers in Los Angeles and across California.
  • As an EV owner, you will be doing your part to serve and improve the health of your community by reducing pollution. EV's improve air quality for you, your family and your neighbors.
  • EVs are dependable and reliable. They require almost no maintenance, so you have more time to get to where you need to go instead of waiting on repairs.
  • It costs about half as much to charge an EV compared to a gas fueled vehicle, and many L.A. public charging stations are free to use.
  • They are a smart investment, and can save you money. EVs provide significant fuel savings compared to conventional vehicles, especially when charged at night or over the weekend with the right rate plan. EVs also have lower operating costs, especially battery electric vehicles, as they do not require oil changes or exhaust system maintenance.
  • You can charge your EV at home, at your workplace or at the many public charging stations located across Los Angeles.
  • Got a long trip planned? Many electric vehicles now have ranges of up to 200–300 miles per charge.
  • EVs are fun to drive, and are packed with the newest technology!
  • There are many local, state and federal incentives to help you go EV, including LADWP's "Charge Up LA!" EV rebate program. Visit to learn more and how to apply.
How to Go EV

How to Go EV

  • There are new and used EVs for every kind of Angeleno. From sedans to SUVs, and from plug-in hybrid to battery electric vehicles, you can find an EV that suits your lifestyle.
  • EVs have expanded to include more affordable options with better range.
  • You can research available new and used EVs and get more information to make an informed decision through PlugStar at You can also use the site to learn about local, state and federal incentives, find ride & drives and find an electric car dealer.
  • Visit to learn more about LADWP's "Charge Up LA!" EV rebate program and how to apply.
How to Charge Your EV

How to Charge Your EV

  • EVs can be fueled almost anywhere a power outlet is available. You can charge at home, at your workplace or at the many public charging stations located across Los Angeles.
  • For customers who cannot charge at home, LADWP is supporting and directly installing 25,000 public, workplace and fleet EV charging stations in Los Angeles by 2025, including EV charging plazas and power pole chargers.
  • There are many reliable online and mobile-based resources to help you find charging stations. You can use apps like PlugShare to see the closest charging station near you. Some charging stations in the city are also free to use.
  • Visit to learn more about LADWP's "Charge Up LA!" EV rebate program and how to apply.

LADWP Residential EV Rebates

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Used EV Rebate Program

  • Up to $1,500 for eligible used electric vehicles (EVs) purchasedwithin the last 12 months
  • You do not have to be the customer of record, but your permanent residence must receive electric service from LADWP
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Residential EV Charger Rebate Program

  • Up to $500 for a qualifying Level 2 EV charger
  • Up to $250 for installing a dedicated EV Time of Use (TOU) meter
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EV Rate Discount

  • Residential and Commercial Customers who install a dedicated TOU EV meter for their charging station(s) will receive an EV rate discount of 2.5 per kWh for off peak charging
  • Discount applicable after 8pm and before 10am weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday
  • Dedicated EV TOU meter
More Information

More Information