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What are the Texans Saying About the Bolts?


On playing the Chargers...

"We're playing a team that was 12-4 last year. We're playing a team that's coming off of a loss (and) I'm sure they'll be ready to go...Different environment playing in the stadium that we'll be playing in. Our guys need to be ready for that. They're playing a soccer game there the night before our game, so we gotta be ready for the field and all those different things. Every game's big, but this is an important game." - Head Coach Bill O'Brien

"Every game's going to be tough, but especially an AFC road game going into an environment where those guys went on the road last week and took a tough loss, and we battled at home against Jacksonville. So both teams are going to be ready to play and try to get the W." - Quarterback Deshaun Watson

On Philip Rivers...

"Tremendous respect, to do it for that long. I've known Philip (Rivers) for a long time. When he was coming out of high school, I was at Georgia Tech. We were recruiting him. He went to NC State, coached against him in his last home college game at NC State. I coached him in the Pro Bowl...I got to know him at the Pro Bowl. Awesome guy, very smart, loves football. He's a guy who loves talking about football, and he's just had a great career. It's a big challenge for us." - Head Coach Bill O'Brien

"Philip's been doing a heckuva job, throwing for thousands and thousands of yards (and) many touchdowns. He's a gunslinger who's gonna toss it up (and) give his playmakers a chance. And he's very confident, he's never out of games. He's always intense and leading that team. You can tell that he wants to win a lot and that he wants to score a lot of points. He's definitely one of those veteran guys that any of the young quarterbacks in this league should be able to look at and can learn something from him." - Quarterback Deshaun Watson

On Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram...

"That's a great tandem. They (Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram) are both strong, they're both athletic. They both play hard on every play. They're both smart, instinctive players against the pass, good against the run. Big, big challenge for us." - Head Coach Bill O'Brien

"Those are two guys you gotta keep an eye on and contain as much as you can. They're two great players, Pro Bowl players, where they make a lot of money to go sack the quarterback and make plays in the backfield. You gotta make sure you have a nice plan for those two and try to contain them as best you can." - Quarterback Deshaun Watson

On Derek Watt...

"I'm looking forward to it. Obviously, I missed the last two chances I had against both (Derek Watt) and T.J. (Watt). It's very surreal. Even just being in a meeting and seeing him on a scouting report and flipping on the film. It's just like any other week you watch the film, but then all of a sudden it's your brother on the film instead of just a fullback. It's very cool, I'm not going to try and act like it's not exciting or anything. It's awesome. We literally played in the backyard or the front yard dreaming about playing in the NFL. So this is going to be very special… For us, it's easy to be best friends and brothers right up until kickoff, and during the game, flip the switch." - Defensive End J.J. Watt

"I love watching him play. He's a great special teams player, (he) throws his body around as a fullback, he's willing to take on middle linebackers (and) take on guys on the edge. He can catch (and) he had a nice toe-touch last week… He's very smart, he's cerebral (and) he likes to think. That's why I think it made a little more sense for him to be on offense. Thinking 'where he needs to go' and 'what's his job' and I think he does it really well." - Defensive End J.J. Watt

"What a family. When you think about that: three brothers playing in the NFL? That's incredible. There are obviously not many families that can say that. Derek (Watt)'s a good player. He's a fullback, special teams player. Plays hard, very smart player. He's a core player for (the Chargers). I'm sure it'll be a fun day. Definitely some bragging rights on the line in the Watt family." - Head Coach Bill O'Brien

On Keenan Allen...

"I've been watching Keenan Allen for a long time. He's a really good route runner. Very smart, very instinctive. Excellent hands. He can run all of the routes -- he can run deep routes, he can run intermediate routes, he can run the quick game, so he's one of the top receivers in the league." - Head Coach Bill O'Brien

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