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Welcome to the Trenches


Melvin Gordon can't help but nod along as he watches the Chargers' new 30-second spot, "Trenches," on his phone.

After all, it encapsulates everything the Chargers represent, especially its mantra to fight for each other.

"That pretty much explains us," he says as the words flash across the screen. "Fighting for each other, that's what we're all about. We have a close bond on this team, so that fits us perfectly. And that is what good teams need. To stick together and fight for everything, especially through hard times."

Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi LA and the Chargers, the "Trenches" spot is inspired by Head Coach Anthony Lynn's message of unity and brotherhood – to fight for each other.

"From day one, that is what I've instilled in this team," Lynn explained. "This is a team. We're not about one position. We're not about one player. This is a team. That's the way I coach, and that is who we are going to be. We're all in this together."

Lynn also knows that nothing will be given to the Bolts. Every yard. Every first down. Every touchdown. It can only be accomplished with the grit and fortitude to fight for the man next to you, as well as the fans, whose support also inspires the team.

"That is the essence of the Chargers," Lynn said. "From leadership on down, that's what this team has always been about. The Spanos family, Dean and his father, they've always invested in other people. They poured their resources into other people's lives. So that's just what we do. And to be honest with you, that is something worth fighting for."

The "Trenches" spot is running online as well as on ABC 7, Spectrum SportsNet and the Chargers' preseason and regular season games.

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