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Transcript - Head Coach Anthony Lynn (Sept. 17, 2018)

Monday, September 17, 2018 | Hoag Performance Center | Costa Mesa, Calif.


On the team's performance against Buffalo:

"I thought traveling across the country and playing Buffalo in their home opener, [there was an expected] hostile environment. It felt like we were in South Florida, with it being pretty humid and hot. I thought the guys handled that well. I loved the way they started the game. I think it was a tale of two halves — first half is winning football and the second half we weren't as consistent. That's what we're working on right now."

On the effectiveness of a versatile passing game:

"I mean, there are more guys out there making plays. We have a horizontal passing attack, so we are going to spread the defense out and try to get the guys the ball who are in the right holes."

On the maturation of RB Melvin Gordon III in the passing game:

"I started to see that last year. Melvin has excellent hands and is a decent route runner. We're trying to get him more involved in the passing game, as I think you've seen in the past few weeks."

On when he saw Gordon as more of a receiving threat:

"Just with studying the 2016 tape when I first came [to the Chargers], I thought, 'This guy catches the ball a lot better than I thought.' Then he backed it up in training camp through the rest of the season."

On if Gordon asked to become more involved in the passing:

"No, it's our job to put players in position to make plays. We felt like [Gordon] can do that as a receiver, especially if there is a matchup that we want. Sometimes, the best matchup might be Melvin on a linebacker as opposed to [WR] Keenan [Allen] on a [cornerback]. So, we have to look at that."

On the status of Gordon:

"He's sore, tired and a bit fatigued. It was hot. I can't imagine what it felt like playing on that turf in the humidity and heat. He played a heck of a game. He was tired and should've been."

On the play in the end zone with LB Uchenna Nwosu and Bills RB Taiwan Jones:

"I have a pretty good idea of what should have happened, but I want to get clarification. We always have an open dialogue with the league, just so we know how to coach our guys as coaches — but a lot happened on that play. I think in real time, anyone can mess up a call with what went on out on the field."

On Nwosu's apology to Taiwan Jones:

"That's nice of him, I didn't know he did that, but Uchenna was just trying to make a play. He had no idea [Taiwan Jones'] helmet had come off as it happened so fast. The whistle should have been blown."

On TE Virgil Green's chemistry with QB Philip Rivers:

"That's what happens with the tight end across the middle of the field. When you put threats outside and safeties start playing over the top, [it leaves] the tight end wide open behind the linebackers. Virgil is going to get some of those opportunities if we're successful throwing the ball outside."

On S Derwin James' performance:

"He's a heck of an athlete, first of all. He's learning our scheme and playing a lot faster and with confidence. As good as he played yesterday, he still could've played better. He's still growing and learning, but we're fortunate to have him."

On Derwin James' versatility:

"He's just a nickel in the box, but you don't want to put him in there too much because teams can out-muscle you with bigger personnel on the field. I like when he is in the box because I believe he speeds things up for the [opposing] offense. He's extremely quick, fast, and very aggressive."

On the versatility of using two tight end sets:

"[TE] Antonio [Gates will be] a Hall of Famer one day and draws a lot of double teams. That frees up some of the wide receivers as well."

On the upcoming game against the Los Angeles Rams:

"Right now, we're finishing up with [initial] preparation from our Buffalo game and try to learn from that game. Then we'll jump right into the Rams. We've already looked at them a little bit — we had a long flight last night, so we got a head start — but they are a very talented football team with an extremely good coaching staff. [Rams Defensive Coordinator] Wade Phillips — I played for him during my rookie year in the league. I know what he's like on defense and know what he brings to that organization with leadership. That defense is going to be salty. [Rams Head Coach] Sean McVay — I've known him forever. His grandfather was my [general manager] in San Francisco. Sean's been around the game for a long time and has had a lot of good mentors while doing a great job around the offensive side of the ball. It's going to be a tough challenge. Even with the special teams coordinator [John] Fassel — he was my ball boy [while playing in Denver]. His dad, [Jim] Fassel, was the offensive coordinator for Wade [Phillips] when I was in Denver. [John Fassel] was the ball boy running around and has grown up around ball all of his life. So there are three good coordinators and an excellent head coach. That team is going to be prepared and we're going to have our hands full."

On any advantage of playing a road game in Los Angeles:

"I guess it helps not to travel. We're going to be on a bus, so we'll have to travel a little bit. It's kind of a home game, but it's going to be on their turf. We're going to stay downtown and treat it like it's an away game and go through our normal 'away' routine."

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