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Titans Focused on Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry

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On the Chargers Offense...

"(Philip Rivers) is a future Hall of Famer in my opinion, (and) they have really good receivers. I think Keenan Allen is one of the top receivers in the NFL. (Austin Ekeler) is leading the league in receptions or something like that, (and they have) Mike Williams (and) all of those guys. Melvin Gordon's back and Hunter Henry is also back. (Henry) had a really good game against the Steelers as well, so we welcome the challenge from those guys. It's going to be a fun game."

- Safety Kevin Byard

On quarterback Philip Rivers' longevity…

"I'm really not surprised. I've coached against him a few times, and (I've) always kinda (known) it, but then I've also had some players that played with him when he was at San Diego and just that he is the ultimate competitor. Every day (he's) competing in practice, (and at) every game. You can just tell it by his demeanor…He's got that little boyish charm to him, but he's a fierce, fierce competitor. And guys like that…last a long time."

- Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees

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On wide receiver Keenan Allen…

"He's a very good player, I have a lot of respect for him. I remember when he was at Cal, (and) I was at Ohio State. He's turned into a phenomenal football player and receiver. He's got size, (and) he has really great hands (and) runs great routes. He plays at different speeds where he can stutter and change his direction, (which) is probably as good as there is in this league for his size. That's something that I think could catch people off guard is that his change of direction is what it is for a player of that kind of size. But you watch Denver, and they doubled him on third down, so I think he's a really good player."

- Head Coach Mike Vrabel

"It's not only Keenan Allen. It's (No.) 86 (Hunter Henry) and (No.) 30 (Austin Ekeler) and (No.) 81 (Mike Williams)…They really got a talented crew, but (No.) 13 (Allen) is really a special receiver. They're all good, but he's really a special receiver. And those two guys (Rivers and Allen) got it going. They really work well together. He knows when he's going to break. Allen is one of those receivers that's unique in that he has a change of pace to him that's just different from other receivers. He can stutter off the line and then burst on you, (or) he can burst and then stutter. He changes pace all the time. There are receivers that are fast, there are receivers that are just good route runners. He's a combination of both. I don't know what his overall speed is, (but) it doesn't really matter. He gets open, and the thing of it is that half the time, the ball's already in the air when he makes his break. Those two work together as good as any tandem I've seen."

- Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees

On running backs Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler…

"(Melvin Gordon)'s numbers aren't where they were last year, but I think that they've increased the number of snaps that he's played over two games. I guess that could be a trend here going into his third game, but they have two explosive backs that they'll play together at times. One will get the ball, and the other one's working a jet sweep. They'll throw it to him. They're heavily targeted players. Again, they have two really good backs, and we have to be conscious of both of them."

- Head Coach Mike Vrabel

On tight end Hunter Henry...

"I think the quarterback has a lot of trust in him. He had a lot of targets last game, and he's a really good tight end as far as (being) a red zone threat as well…I'm super excited to play against a guy like him. With the kind of injuries he's dealt with, he could be a top tight end in the NFL right now."

- Safety Kevin Byard

On the Chargers' third-down success...

"It's really strength on strength. They're fourth in the league (on third-down conversions), and I think we're in the top five defensively (on third downs). They're converting at almost 50% on third down. They're maintaining possessions (and) continuing those drives. It'll be critical for us defensively to get off the field."

- Head Coach Mike Vrabel

On the Chargers Defense…

"It's a defense that we faced last year, so we (are familiar) with it. They fly around, (and) they make some plays, so we gotta be detailed as an offense, and we just gotta go out there and make plays."

- Wide Receiver Tajae Sharpe

On playing the Chargers…

"We have a great challenge with the Chargers coming into town. They're 2-4, too. I'm pretty sure they're frustrated as well, so it's going to be a really good game. It's going to be a dogfight."

- Safety Kevin Byard

On punt returner Desmond King…

"We have to be able to corral this guy. (The Chargers) are probably licking their chops after last week (the Denver Broncos had a 43-yard punt return against the Titans in Week 6). (Desmond King) had a touchdown two weeks ago. He's a strong runner. He's not somebody that probably is gonna circle you up, but he breaks a lot of tackles. He's got great vision and he's fearless."

- Head Coach Mike Vrabel

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