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Mailbag: Breaking Down Roster Dynamics

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams makes a catch during NFL football practice, Saturday, July 28, 2018, in Costa Mesa, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Q: Yo, I'm pumped for Mike Williams after reading about his camp, man. (Is) he really as good as you all keep saying? – Brett Cassidy

A: Mike has definitely been a star at camp, but everything you hear, see and read about now must be taken in stride. We're still in the early days of training camp. Nobody has played a single down yet as the first preseason game is still 10 days away. But with the adverse year Williams had as a rookie, it's certainly a great sign that he's performing the way he is. What impresses me most so far is how he's gotten vastly better each day. His first practice was OK as he had a couple of drops. On day two he made some big-time receptions in one-on-ones but didn't get as many opportunities during the team period. When the pads came on Monday he took his game to another level yet again, but Tuesday was far and away his best day. So, yes, the second-year wideout is looking mighty good, but remember it's still very, very early.

Q: What are the odds of the Chargers carrying six wideouts on the final roster? – Edward Bradley

A: It wouldn't be the first time the Bolts did, but it's impossible to know any of that right now. Roster dynamics will play out as the next month unfolds, but there are certainly enough talented players at the position to warrant that many making the final roster. Time will tell.

Q: When will we find out the jerseys we're wearing? We going navy-on-navy again? – Lan Black

A: You're in luck, Lan, as the team announced just today which uniforms we'll wear which days. The powders will go international as we'll wear them in London. And yes, the navy-on-navy is back!

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Q: Alright, so who's making this team, Henne? – X. Davinporia

A: We'll all find out together! Look, we are so far away from the final 53-man roster being decided that it's silly to make any kind of guesses. Let's wait until preseason games start and we have more to base our opinions on than four training camp practices. One thing to keep in mind is the importance of roster dynamics. Some positions simply require more depth based on experience, injuries and so on. Meanwhile, there are players you simply don't want to risk getting claimed off waivers if your aim is to sneak them onto the practice squad. There is so much more that goes into these decisions than fans realize, so it's important to consider the overall dynamics of the team as much as each player's performance.

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