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Get to Know: Donald Parham Jr.


While you may be aware tight end Donald Parham Jr. comes to the Bolts after a recent stint in the XFL with the Dallas Renegades, here are some facts you may not know about No. 48.

Big Gamer

Like many guys on the team, Parham Jr. plays video games in his spare time. A self-proclaimed "big gamer," he mainly plays Call of Duty and a little NBA 2K. "I got into gaming since around middle school, so about (when I was) nine or 10 years old." As for who he plays as in 2K? "I usually play with the Lakers as my PG or Golden State Warriors with my center."

Growth Spurt

Parham Jr. is only 22 years old but towers above other people at 6-8. It's a fact he finds interesting, after all it's in his Instagram and Twitter bios. But when did the biggest growth spurt happen for him? "I grew four inches one summer in high school. I went from 5-10 to 6-2." Parham Jr. lettered in basketball but only played one year of high school football before playing his college ball at Stetson.

Age : Shoe Size (At Least Back in the Day)

Growing up, Parham Jr. said his shoe size went up as his age increased up until he turned 15. It might be random, but it's something that hit him when he was in his teens. "I became conscious of it when I got into (size) 13s and realized how fast I grew out of them once I became 14."

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