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What Are the Philadelphia Eagles Saying About the Chargers?


Notable comments from Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, DT Fletcher Cox, and more in the lead up to the Week 9 game vs. the Los Angles Chargers.

Head coach Nick Sirianni on his relationship with Keenan Allen

"I got a good relationship with Keenan, and we still communicate to this day. Happy that I was able to coach him and learn from him and hopefully he learned from me as well. It will be fun to give him a hug before the game and talk to him after the game about his family and everybody in his life…really good players like Keenan Allen make you look like a really good coach, so I'm grateful to Keenan for that ... With Keenan, he's really dynamic off the line of scrimmage and he's really dynamic in and out of the break and he continues to be that. I'm thinking back to 2013 where he was dynamic then and now, he continues to do that and he knows how to attack a defender. We spent a lot of time together really sorting through all those things."

Nick Sirianni on Keenan Allen's fundamentals

"He's still on my teach-tapes when we are trying to teach guys, 'Hey, look how Keenan does this on this one.' When you have a good player like that, that you're able to teach other guys from, that's a good thing…he's gonna forever be on my teach-tapes and so hopefully what you see is the fundamentals."

Eagles Offensive coordinator Shane Steichen on coaching Justin Herbert

"Justin Herbert, he's a heck of a football player, bottom line. He's big, he's got a huge arm, he can stand in the pocket. That's one of the biggest things I learned from being around him, is from a rookie last year, he's able to stand in there when the blitz is coming and he can take hits, stand there [and] deliver the throws. He's smart, he's intelligent. He gets the ball out of his hands. You'll see on tape, a lot of times he's hitting his back foot and boom, he's getting the ball to the checkdown quickly. He has accelerated vision. Can do it all. Heck of a football player."

Shane Steichen on facing the Chargers

"I'm excited to see some of those guys. Obviously, had a great time in L.A./San Diego. Ton of respect for that organization. It will be good to see the guys. But just excited. We know it's going to be a heck of a challenge. Obviously, defensively [Chargers OLB] Joey Bosa is a heck of a football player. He's an elite pass rusher, so we have to be ready for him. And [Chargers S] Derwin James. Good to see him back healthy. He has been battling like crazy. But to see him playing again is good. We know we'll have our hands full with those guys."

Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon on Brandon Staley

"When you watch the tape, Brandon is a defensive guy. I know he played quarterback, but he's a defensive coach ... And I'm sure Brandon has helped Joe [Lombardi] with, 'Hey, this is what really attacks a defense, do it.' So that's what I think you start to see show up. A lot of people, it might look good or it might seem good, but it's ultimately what your players can execute. But from a philosophical standpoint and from an X-and-O standpoint, you see them doing some things that are, I would say, ahead of the curve with trying to attack defenses with different styles of defense that they play, that people play. It's going to be a big-time challenge because they know what they're doing."

Jonathan Gannon on his relationship with Brandon Staley

"[Chargers Head Coach] Brandon [Staley] and I go back playing AAU basketball against each other in the Cleveland area since we were 10 years old. Then we got in the coaching business together. We developed a relationship because we were competing against each other on the basketball floor.

And then developed a relationship – he played quarterback at Dayton and finished out with his brother, transferred. Then we got into the coaching business at the same time. And so, I knew him – as you are a young guy cutting your teeth in the business, you develop friendships.

We never worked together ... And so, when [former John Carroll Head Coach] Tom [Arth] called me, I was in Tennessee at the time and didn't really want that job, I wanted to stay in the NFL. He said, 'Well, who would you hire?' I said Brandon Staley, just because I knew how much – how passionate he was and the type of coach that – just talking to him and knowing him, the guy that he is is that he would do an excellent job for Tom. And that's all I told him.

Sometimes, all you need is, you've got to know somebody to show somebody. So, I got him in the door with Tom, and the rest was history. I don't take any credit for Tom hiring him because he did that all himself. But we're friends. We're good friends and we talk. I learned a lot of ball from him and hopefully he's learned some ball from me."

Quarterback Jalen Hurts on what he's seen on from the Chargers' film

"They have great edge rushers, they fly to the ball and they've got a great secondary. Kind of banged up, but Derwin James is a hell of a player, I played against him in college, he's a great player. They've got a great team, so we've got to execute against a great football team."

DT Fletcher Cox on the Chargers offensive line

"They played together for a little, I know they've got some guys that are banged up, but Corey [Linsley] has played a lot of ball. I mean he's a smart player and you know he's kind of in control of everything at the line of scrimmage and their O-line, collectively is pretty good. We've got to do a good job at what we do and get after them, their offense can be explosive and the quarterback is really good."

Cornerback Darius Slay on Justin Herbert

"He's great man, strong arm. He's got a gunslinger; he can sling that thing. He's got a great receiving corps, got guys that can do all of it. Talented group man, probably one of the best groups we've played this year so really looking forward to the challenge."

Tight end Dallas Goedert on Derwin James

"He's a great player, he flies around. You know he's just got a knack for the ball. He's physical, he's like a little torpedo trying to take heads off. So anytime you got a guy that that flies around like that he could cause a problem."

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