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 What Does Coach K Think of Justin Herbert?

Staley-Coach K Bolts Buzz

On Thursday Chargers head coach Brandon Staley sat down with legendary basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski to talk about the development of Justin Herbert in his second year.

Staley is a big time basketball fan and often uses basketball references when making comparisons to players and teams on the gridiron. Earlier this week, Staley talked about why he chooses to reference basketball so frequently.

"It was my first love." Staley said. "It's the game that I probably know the best. That's probably why I reference it the most. I think that our guys gravitate towards the sport, too. It's the sport that, I would say, in the locker room, that they talk about the most. I just like making those comparisons. It's always fun to go back through different eras of basketball for player comparisons and different styles of play."

In his conversation with Coach K on SiriusXM, Staley talked about the type of player but more importantly the type of person Justin Herbert is.

""He has all the intangibles, all that character that you would want from your best player," Staley said. "He's a fierce competitor. When his teammates talk about him, they do not talk about his physical gifts first and as you can see watching the game, he's got amazing physical gifts."

Take a look at a portion of the conversation below:

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