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The Bolts are excited to help provide a happy holiday season for the wonderful children at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Prior to watching the Chargers take on the Vikings, bring your unwrapped toys to Thunder Alley (Lot 11).

Toy Donation Guidelines

To help CHLA maintain patient safety and well-being, we ask that you follow the criteria below:

  • To prevent infection, CHLA only accepts new and unwrapped items.
  • Toys should be sturdy and free of any parts which may pinch
  • All craft materials (markers, glue, paints, etc.) must be non-toxic
  • If the items don't fall within CHLA's guidelines or are unsafe/inappropriate for our patients, we reserve the right to politely decline your donation.

Items CHLA Cannot Accept

  • Toy collections even if they have been well preserved
  • Plush, stuffed animals or any items with small pellets
  • Anything handmade such as knitted or crocheted items such as beanies, blankets, clothing
  • No oversized toys, ie ride-able vehicles, large doll houses/doll vehicles or other oversized items
  • VHS tapes
  • Wooden items
  • Glass or brittle plastic toys which can easily break and leave sharp edges
  • Flowers, edible gifts and holiday treats
  • Any items that promote violent and aggressive behavior including video games and DVDS

If you are unable to attend the game, please consider an online donation to CHLA: