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Benefitting the Chargers Impact Fund

The Chargers Retro Sale offers fans the opportunity to purchase Mystery Boxes containing authentic jerseys and team-issued apparel straight from the Bolts' locker room!

All proceeds support the Chargers Impact Fund's mission of helping families thrive in and around Southern California

Rookie Box

1 Practice-Issued Jersey ⚡️
1 Hat/Beanie 🧢
2 Mystery Items ❓
$200 Value!

Veteran Box

1 Game-Issued Jersey ⚡️
2 Hats/Beanies 🧢
2 Mystery Items ❓
$350 Value!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How and when will I receive my mystery box?
Boxes will be shipped directly to recipient within 3 weeks of purchase date.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
Nope! Shipping is free.

Is there a limit of how many mystery boxes I can purchase?
Yes – no more than 2 per household/mailing address.

Am I able to request a return/refund?
Unfortunately, No. All sales are final. All items sold as is.

Am I guaranteed my exact size on wearable items?
Due to limited availability, we cannot guaranteed exact sizing. Sizes not in inventory will be substituted with a size up/larger. Please note that the authentic jerseys included in each mystery box will not allocated based on provided sizing. Inclusion in each is box strictly random.

Are the jerseys from current players or players no longer on the roster?
All of the game-issued jerseys in the veteran box are from players currently on the Chargers roster.

Are any of the jerseys the new/current style announced earlier this year?
No. All jerseys are from 2019 and prior.

Is my purchase tax deductible?