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Chargers 50/50 Raffle

The Chargers Impact Fund's 50/50 Raffle gives fans the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket during home games for the chance to win half of the jackpot! The other half goes to a charitable beneficiary of the Los Angeles Chargers Impact Fund to help build strong support structures for youth, families, and their communities across Southern California.



How to Play & Contact Info

Ticket sales occur from the time gates open through the end of the third quarter. Tickets are available from sellers on the concourse and raffle kiosks located throughout SoFi Stadium. The winning ticket number will be posted in-game on the video boards during the fourth quarter. The raffle winner must present their winning ticket and email raffle@chargers.nfl.com within 30 days to arrange to fill out required paperwork to claim their prize.

Contact Info:

Phone number (657-356-2068) and email raffle@chargers.nfl.com.

Past Winners

50/50 Raffle Winners

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Game Winning Ticket Total Raised Winning Amount Prize Claimed Beneficiary of the Game
Preseason Week 2 vs Saints 2165289010 $8,340.00 $4,170.00 Yes Los Angeles Chargers Foundation
Preseason Week 3 vs Seahawks 1597826017 $10,190.00 $5,095.00 Yes Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Week 1 vs Colts 1067385045 $19,010.00 $9,505.00 Yes Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Week 3 vs Texans 1286730051 $25,920.00 $12,960.00 No St. Francis Center
Week 5 vs Broncos 1085765261 $22,320.00 $11,160.00 Yes Los Angeles Chargers Foundation
Week 6 vs Steelers 2107669003 $23,870.00 $11,935.00 No American Cancer Society
Week 9 vs Packers 1218880063 $22,790.00 $11,395.00 Yes Los Angeles Chargers Foundation
Week 15 vs Vikings 2146260014 $21,400.00 $10,700.00 Yes Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Week 16 vs Raiders 1150464141 $22,600.00 $11,300.00 Yes Children’s Hospital Los Angeles