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Mobile Ticket Transfer

Need to transfer your tickets to a friend or family member?

Download the latest Chargers app on your iPhone here or on your Android here.

Follow the steps below and read Mobile Ticket FAQ if you have further questions.

Step 1

Open the Chargers app and go to the menu by selecting the menu button on the top left.

Step 2


Step 3

Select 'Get Started'.

Step 4

Login with your My Chargers Account email and password associated with your season ticket account. Once complete, click on 'Sign In'.

Step 5

Select a game.

Step 6

Select 'Transfer' on the ticket you want to transfer.

Step 7

Add the guests first name, last name and email address where they will receive your invite. You also have an option to add a message. Once the guests information is added, select ' Done' then select 'Complete Transfer'.

Step 8

Your transfer has been sent and the recipient can now accept the ticket to the game(Repeat steps for any additional tickets). Please note: All tickets transferred are Mobile Tickets. Additionally, your transfer does expire so please make sure to let the recipient know to accept the transfer as soon as possible. If the recipient does not have a Chargers Account, they must create an account of their own in order to complete the transfer process.


There is an option to cancel a ticket transfer. Select 'Cancel Transfer' on the digital ticket.