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Turner: Every time you go out there and play you are being evaluated.

Posted Dec 19, 2012

Norv Turner talks to the media after practice

Head Coach Norv Turner


On the 80’s rock music played during practice today:

“That was a surprise to me. Someone got in there and put on some music. It got a little energy going, a little life. It was good. It was a good change up from the crowd noise we usually have.”

On the possibility that wide receiver Vincent Brown might play this weekend with Malcom Floyd being placed on Injured Reserve:

“I would not (think so) watching Vincent today.  He looked good. I would not describe him as being ready to go play in a National Football League game.”

On both the Chargers and Jets not playing well this past week and what there is to play for:

“One thing I can say is New York’s defense has played awfully well through most of the things. They had some problems with turnovers and consistency on offense. Any time you go walk onto the field, there is something to play for. There are a lot of guys that are trying to establish themselves as guys that are going to have careers in the National Football League; a lot of guys that want to continue their careers in the NFL. Every time you go out there and play you are being evaluated. You might be evaluated by someone in this building or evaluated by someone who is a perspective team that might want to sign you in the future. I think it is in everyone’s interest to get excited about playing and go play at the best level you can.”

On the possibility of getting players back this week that have missed time:

“The guys who have been here, I think they can miss some time and go. In some ways you get guys who haven’t been able to practice in over six or eight weeks and you feel like you are starting right at square one with them. It is a frustrating feeling when you are in week 15.”

On how linebacker Donald Butler looked in practice today:

“He was limited. I thought he moved around alright. He didn’t have a setback so it would be nice for him to play. He’s been having a great year.”

On linebacker Jonas Mouton getting an opportunity to play if Butler does not:

“There is a possibility that he could. We will just have to see where everyone is at.”

On Brandon Taylor finishing the game on Sunday at strong safety:

“I thought he did fine. It is not a true test because obviously they were running the football and trying to get the game over as quickly as they could. He is going to get to play a lot in these next two weeks. It is what we are talking about. He is a guy that is going to get on tape and show people what he is capable of doing.”

On lacking game film on Jets quarterback Greg McElroy and his perceived strengths and weaknesses:

“At this point I don’t see them changing a lot of what they do with their offense. He did play against Arizona. We were able to see some of the things they did with him. We obviously evaluated him in college. He is an accurate guy that is going to make good decisions. They are going to move him. I would expect him to move the pocket, naked bootlegs, that type of thing.”

On the Jets playoff loss being a negative turning point for the past three years:

“It is hard for me. We are getting ready on Wednesday to go play the Jets. I’m not looking back into the last three years. I don’t think one game is a turning point.  A lot of players have come and gone since that time. The only regret I would have is that team who was 13-3 never got to play together again, through holdouts, injuries, career ending injuries and losing players to free agency.”

On who will fill the spot for Malcom Floyd’s reps:

“We will have to see over the next few days. If Eddie (Royal) is able to make it through the next week of practice without a setback, I would like to see him play some. Obviously (Michael) Spurlock came in and has been playing well. (Robert) Meachem is going to have an opportunity to play some more. It will be a mix.”

On players coming up from the practice squad being active on Sunday such as Mike Willie and Edwin Baker:

“It would be hard for them to be active.”

On what Meachem can show on Sunday:

“It is the same thing. I think this defense we are getting ready to play is outstanding. Their secondary has played extremely well. He is going to get a chance to compete and make plays.”

On saying he would like to continue coaching next year:

“The conversation I was having was speculative. They were speculating that I might not be coaching here next year then they were speculating what I might be doing with my future if I wasn’t and obviously I have been doing this a long time and enjoy doing it. In the right situation I can help somebody but that is a long ways in the future.”

On what characterizes Rex Ryan’s defense:

“They are very physical, very aggressive. He has a very talented group of guys. He has a group of guys that has pretty much been able to play together, stay together. They are always very good against the pass. If you start running the ball they have good run stoppers. They primarily do a great job against the pass.”

On the Jets mixing zone and man-to-man coverage:

“They are a complete defense. They have every defense that you are going to see. They are outstanding on third down. That is probably what jumps out at you. They do a great job at creating a lot of problems. That would be a big concern of mine, where we are in the offensive line; handling all of the different looks they give.”

On getting Philip Rivers to produce as he did before the last two seasons:

“He has done that, it just hasn’t been on a weekly basis. The most important thing is going to be to get people around him; to protect him and get the play makers around him. When he has played and had play makers and had match ups, games where we have protected him and gotten people open, he has shown that he is capable of doing all of the things he has done.”

On Tyronne Green and Jeromey Clary returning to practice being a factor in his confidence in the offensive line:

“I think it’s a factor. I would love it if they could play and be full speed. I do believe this defensive front creates a lot of challenges for whoever they are playing.”

On Jarret Johnson being a great addition and impacting the younger players around him like Melvin Ingram:

“I think everyone talks about leadership but the best leadership you give is about how you go out and perform. How you approach your day to day job. If any of our younger guys watched him play in the game last week and watch his effort on every sing play, and how physical he played and how hard he competed in a game that obviously as the game went on it was harder and harder to do that, he never blinked and he is a warrior and a great role model for any guy that wants to be a player in this league.”


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