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Transcripts: Head Coach Norv Turner and Safety Darrell Stuckey

Posted Nov 7, 2012

Norv Turner and Darrell Stuckey talk to the media

Head Coach Norv Turner:

Opening Statement:

“It was nice to get back on the field and get started in terms of our preparation for Tampa. Right now they are playing as well offensively as anyone. They have an explosive offense making big plays in the run and the pass. They are first in the league in run defense. They have an outstanding front and as I said, they are playing awfully well.”

On the towel issue and jumping to conclusions about painting the team in a negative light:

“There is always going to be a reaction in terms of something like that. I think the way it was reported had something to do with it. Someone didn’t wait until they found out what was actually going on when they reported it. That is what caused the big stir. I think it was pretty accurate in how we depicted it.”

On appealing the fine for failing to cooperate with the game officials:

“It is disappointing to me but I think the most important thing is that there are a lot of people in this league that were using the towel. Certainly it wasn’t being done to deceive anyone.”

On the game plan specifically for Buccaneers’ receiver Vincent Jackson:

“The biggest thing is they have another guy on the other side who is almost as productive. When you can run the ball and then you have two receivers on the outside that are capable of making big plays, it does create problems for defenses. We’re going to have to do a great job with our gameplan and a great job executing it. The number one thing we have to do is minimize the big plays. If we can keep the ball in front of us and do a great job tackling. The way they’ve scored their points through the past few months is from big plays, whether it has been long runs or deep passes.”

On the Chargers cornerbacks dealing with the Buccaneers’ receivers’ height and physicality:

“Well it’s something we’ve got a lot of practice with. Our guys have been practicing over the last number of years with Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd and there is one on each side. It is a similar situation. One thing teams have done to our receivers and started doing to Vincent Jackson here is when the ball is in the air you don’t jump for the ball you’ve got to try and keep him from getting the ball. You have to reach and try to strip because both of those guys are capable of out-jumping you.”

On an obvious gameplan with an opposing team defense that is first against the run and last against the pass:

“If defensive coaches had their choice I think that is the way they would rather have it. Again, you have to break it down from their standpoint and the way we would look at it. Where are those yards coming from and how are teams getting those passing yards? Are they coming late in games when Tampa is ahead or are they coming early? Those are the things we are breaking down. They have given up big plays in the passing game and I’m sure that is something they are addressing like we’re addressing the same thing.”

On how close Chargers’ guard Brandyn Dombrowski is to playing now that he is eligible:

“This is his first day getting out. Any talk about either of those guys playing would be premature. He’s a ways away from that [fully participating in practice].”

On the Buccaneers’ playbook expanding each week:

“Any time you’re a new staff, a new group of guys together and a group of new players, you’re going to see that they are going and doing more things as they go on. Dealing with the unknown is a little bit different in terms of staying on top of what they have done. We need to prepare for what they have done and obviously react to anything they do that is a little different.”

On Buccaneers’ running back Doug Martin’s performance in the past month:

“It has been more than a month but these last two games have been phenomenal. He is one of those compact guys that is very physical. Great change of direction, great balance. He is an explosive player. He has had more big plays, more explosive plays, plays over 20, plays over 40 in the last two games than some guys have had in one season.”

On Doug Martin exploiting the smallest weakness in a defense:

“I think that is what the best runners do. The guys that make those real long runs, they don’t waste any time. They get in and out of those creases. It is a combination of not only their vision but his athletic ability to cut and get in those creases.”

On the explosive nature of Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams pulling safeties back and opening up the running lanes:

“It always ties together. They have a good tight end that they use and two wide receivers on the outside. They can spread you out with their third receiver. They’re becoming a complete offense and offensively that is what you do if you have those threats on the outside and people try to take them away. You run the ball. They gang up and try to stop the run so you throw the ball on the outside.”


Safety and Special Teams Captain Darrell Stuckey

On envisioning being a starting safety when he first joined the team but now being considered a possible Pro Bowl candidate for special teams:

“I think it is one of those things where my first goal coming here was to be a credit to the organization. To be able to go out there and do whatever I can to the best of my ability, to be an asset. I think I made do with whatever I got the opportunity to do. To be able to go out there and play special teams and do it to a high level and play to the best of my ability has been awesome for our team. It has been amazing to go out there with the group of guys we are with and to take pride in special teams. Especially with what happened in 2010 on special teams, to be a consistent player on that unit is awesome.”

On what it takes to be a great special teams player:

“I think a lot of it is mentality. Mentality and just awareness of knowing what to expect and what is coming and knowing how to respond to it and how to react. A lot of it has to do with coaching too. Coach Bisaccia puts us in a position to where we see a lot of different looks and we can get used to seeing different things to where it becomes a reaction. Once you get an opportunity to actually run down there full speed, the hardest thing about kickoff is going full speed. You have to be able to see everything so it slows you down. Once you get comfortable to where you can go full speed and see everything at the same time, that is what makes it a lot easier and better for you and harder for the people trying to block you.”

On special teams coach Rich Bisaccia being creative with special teams plays:

“When you get someone that is creative, you have to have a lot of different tools to be creative. If you’re an artist and you’re trying to paint but you only have one color to work with, you can’t be too creative. Him being in the position where he has a lot of great players to work with, it allows him to be in the best position as possible to put us in the best position as a team. To go out there and execute, keep people guessing, move around guys, keep people from the double-team and to keep players on their toes that are playing against us. I think it is an awesome thing what he’s doing and it’s very creative. It doesn’t make it too hard because I think that he throws everything at us during training camp, then he refers back to things during the season. We may have 20 calls but we may go into the game with only five. And if he pulls something out that we didn’t go over, we’ll have it to look at before we go out there. It gets pretty easy.”

On the punt that he downed in the Kansas City game:

“To start with, the biggest thing was my alignment. I got far enough in away from the sideline so I gave myself room to go inside or outside without allowing them to push me out of bounds where I can’t make a play on the ball. My first obligation is to get rid of the guys in front of me and beat the guys across from me. I can’t worry about the ball until then. Fortunately I got around them and got him to the ground. Then I went and found the ball. And I didn’t even think about where the returner was. It was one of those things where I found the ball. And because of the play that Mike Scifres made, how consistent he’s been over the years as a high-caliber player, I knew he was going to place it somewhere around the 10-yard line. One thing Mike and coach Bisaccia always say is ‘Don’t be greedy, get it down inside the 10.’ So I knew I needed to get the ball down. If it hit the ground with me going full speed I would have no idea where it was going to bounce. Luckily I had a little bit of center-field experience when I was a kid and I dove for no reason. I held onto it and didn’t get the wind knocked out of me or anything like that. So it was a great play.”

On special teams focusing more on turnovers:

“I think a lot of it is mentality and taking a sense of ownership in what you’re doing out there. You have to get the guys on special teams out there to buy in on how important special teams really is. I think that it was a wake-up call in 2010 when we had a number one and two offense and defense and our special teams was dead last. That’s what kept us out of the playoffs. So a lot of the players realized how important it was and we take pride in that. We go out there and know that a lot of the hidden yardage is in special teams. Making turnovers--that could make a big change in the game.”

What’s your take on the team’s momentum after a big win against Kansas City and now heading into Tampa?

“I think that we’re rising, of course. We’ve never been down on ourselves, I think that we just had a bad spell there for a little bit and I think it’s one of those things that when you have so many new guys on the team you’re going to go through that a little bit. I would rather that it happen earlier in the season where you actually get to know each other and then go through that challenge at the end of the season. I think that we’ve grown so much closer because of this. You need that adversity so you can see what guys are really all about, if they’re for their team or for themselves. The way that we responded to that little rough patch that we had, we all grew closer. We’re getting better and we’ve learned from the mistakes that we’ve made.”


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