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Rivers: Go out and finish it the right way

Posted Dec 26, 2012

Philip Rivers talks to the media after practice

Quarterback Philip Rivers

On how he has been able to stay healthy and start consistently throughout his career:

“I think first, obviously the guys upfront do a heck of a job. From a coaching staff and play-calling standpoint with Norv, protection is always a priority. The route may look good but we have to be able to get the ball off. You have to battle through some of it, but I’m thankful I have not had an instance where I couldn’t go.”

On being aware of where guys are around him:

“You try to. You certainly don’t want to stand in there and hang on to it as long as you can. There are certainly times when you are smart and you don’t want to blow up shots without sacrificing an execution. Sometimes you put yourself in harm’s way. You want to avoid that when you can, again without sacrificing being able to execute.”

On whether he feels beat up this year compared to previous years:

“No, I don’t. I feel good. Too bad we don’t have more to go. I feel healthy going into week 17.”

On his thoughts on possibility of the “core group” not returning next year:

“’The band’ as you said it is a small band. The core group to make another shot at it, a lot of the band is playing in different cities. Certainly it has been a disappointing season to say the least. We have one more game. It is the only one we can control, the one on Sunday. I talked a lot after the game on Sunday about finishing it right. There is a lot to be said about finishing this the right way. Again, I’m not conceding or I’m not speculating what is going to come after Sunday, but what we can control is going out and putting forth a great effort, doing all we can to beat the Raiders and finish the season the right way.”

On responding to people saying the team has nothing to play for or hoping the Chargers will lose to get a higher draft choice:

“This is not necessarily the response to the fans, but that is a loser’s mentality and that is all I can say. You are telling me that with 18 teams, there are more than that, who are alive. More than 12 are alive. You are saying that half the league ought to shut it down at the week 13 or 14 mark. There is just no way to do it.”

On playing the last game with this team:

“I was a little bit sarcastic with the ‘band together’ question. This is the last time that this team, that is here today, will play together. It is always a little emotional to me every year. When you are in the playoffs you don’t know what week that is going to be. When this is the last week, it is hard. You put in a lot of time--in this case, maybe six years--with a group. This particular team, shoot, we’ve been going since April. We are all going to scatter. Who knows how many will be back in four months. It is always tough because it is the last Wednesday practice, the last Wednesday install, tomorrow is the last Thursday. It is a tough week, but obviously one I always try to enjoy the heck out of because we will certainly remember it. It is going to be sad in a lot of ways on Sunday and in a lot of ways it will be very exciting to go out and finish it the right way.”

On positive aspects of change:

“Frankly I haven’t dealt with much change throughout my entire career in football and all the way back in high school and college and here obviously after the change after my third season from a coaching standpoint. I haven’t dealt with it a lot, so I can’t really say how I feel about it. I am certainly not looking forward to it. You cross that bridge if and when it comes. All I can control right now is trying to find a way to beat the Raiders.”

On what makes the Raiders rivalry so special:

“It is the one same division. We are located rather closely to one another. It goes back a long time. I know the fans in the state of California and around get fired up about it. It just so happens it is the last game of the year this year and it was last year too. I remember in high school the last game of the year was always a rivalry game. They could be 1-10 playing 0-9 or whatever and it was exciting. Obviously the case for these two teams, we both had seasons we didn’t anticipate, but it is a game where both teams will be ready to go.”


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