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Philip Rivers: He's a football guy

Posted Jan 15, 2013

Quarterback Philip Rivers talks with the media about the new head coach Mike McCoy.

Quarterback Philip Rivers


On his excitement level:

“I’m excited. We were able to speak briefly before the press conference but it’s exciting. You go through the natural progression of disappointment from the season and losing your coach to now having a new GM and coach and you get excited and ready to go for this 2013 season.”

What did you think of Mike McCoy compared to the other candidates?

“It’s almost unfair for me to have too much of an opinion about them because I didn’t really know personally any of them but from afar and just watching and having a gut feeling, and it’s always easy to say afterwards, but this is the guy I was pulling for. Once I found out they were bringing him in on Monday, I was hoping he wasn’t going to leave again. I’m excited that that was the case and I look forward to getting started.”

On his experience of playing the quarterback position himself and his history of working with quarterbacks:

“You have to imagine that over his career, his ideas and his schemes and I’m sure his playbook, have evolved over the years, but he’s dealt with a lot of different guys that do a lot of different things well. Playing the position always helps when you have a guy that’s played it. He seems to be, and speaking to Tom Telesco as well, two guys that are going to bring a great deal of energy to the building and to the team and I think that will be very fitting.”

On whether McCoy and Telesco only being a few years older than him has crossed his mind:

“It has, it’s certainly different. It’s exciting. It’s awesome. I think the passion is very clear just from brief conversations and I know they don’t know me other than what they’ve seen but I have that same passion and expressed that to them and obviously I’ve expressed to them that I’m aware I’ve got to play better. I’m going to play better, but at the same time I want to go help us win the whole thing and that’s certainly a process but it’s exciting now to have that direction. When you’re coach-less and GM-less, it doesn’t feel very good but now that we have that in place, it’s easier to move forward.”

On McCoy’s willingness and openness to receiving input from others:

“It’s certainly appreciated. I don’t think that should be mis-interpreted on the outside as the players are going to run the thing because that’s not the case, but it does make sense that you’re going to hear the guys in the locker room because we’re the ones in between the lines. Then everything taken into account, he’s going to make the decision and he’s running the show. But I do think it’s important that players, and certainly players who have been here for a long time and played at a high level, not necessarily having the input, but are able to share what’s going on, what they think about plays or this-or-that, what we need from a scheduling standpoint. But it’s up to him and whatever he says, we’re going to go do. Again, he’s had a heck of a career and you look at where they were in Carolina and part of a Super Bowl run there and obviously the success they’ve had in Denver with the turnover they’ve had at quarterback and the different things, so it’s certainly exciting.”

On his thoughts about family:

“That was one of the first things he told me was that this was going to be a big-time family place. I told him that I bring the kids down here to run around during the offseason and it’s like a park around here, and he certainly welcomes that. He says we put in so much time and we’re gone so much that he wants them to be a part of it. I was able to meet his family and it’s exciting. It’s only natural. It was tough going through what we went through in the season and losing Norv, but I’m excited and fired up and looking forward to earning the trust and respect from Coach and building that and starting from a clean slate.”

On the possibility of having to adjust to a whole new offense:

“That’s up to the players and I think our ability to mesh and make things go. I’m kind of looking forward to a different terminology and maybe having some different words and things that you aren’t used to saying because I’ve done the same thing for nine years and I love it. I’d be fine with staying with that but I think it can be exciting and I won’t have any problem learning it but it’s a matter of collectively making it work.”

On whether he felt the Broncos’ pain on Saturday night:

“Yeah, definitely, it was tough. That was crazy. I have to admit I thought it was over and Tiffany and the kids were going to the park and I said ‘let me just watch this last 45 seconds in case something crazy happens’ and I never made it to the park obviously because I watched the duration of it.”

On the similarities to the Chargers’ 2009 team:

“Yeah it was very similar to that run, 11 in a row and when we won, we didn’t lose again. Then they came here and we started their streak. Only one team’s happy at the end of the year and some seasons are more disappointing than others but there’s only one team that’s going to be satisfied.”

On whether you spoke to Jacob Hester or any other guys:

“I did talk to (Jacob). I talked to him briefly. He hasn’t been there as long with Coach McCoy but he had a lot of great things to say about him about his fire and passion and he actually mentioned the willingness to hear players and things. We talked a little bit about the game. Obviously he had a big hand in that with the big block on the kick return and had some nice carries, but so yeah, I have spoken to Jacob.”

Is his opinion that of a guy you trust?

“Yeah, oh absolutely. Jacob’s just a football player so he certainly knows. And again you all know me well enough, I like people and I like to build relationships so I’m looking forward to it. We all are football people but you can tell real quick who’s just a football guy and he’s certainly that.”

On how he did during his press conference:

“I wasn’t in there. I saw a little bit of it in the equipment room but I thought he did good in the bits and pieces that I saw. Ultimately it’s about what happens on Sundays at 1 o’clock at Qualcomm or wherever else we are. If you’re winning, those media sessions down there or wherever are nice and lovely. If not, it doesn’t matter how well you answer the questions (laughter), guys like you are going to be on you.”


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