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Monday Podium Transcripts: Norv Turner and Shaun Phillips

Posted Oct 22, 2012

Head Coach Norv Turner

Opening Statement:

“Nobody from the San Diego Chargers used Stickum © in the game on Monday night against the Denver Broncos. Nobody in this organization has used Stickum in any game. The questions that have been asked by the league involve a towel that has been used by this organization for over ten years. It’s been used by a lot of teams in this league. The towel is used to dry the balls, the gloves the players use and their arms. The league is looking into the towel and that’s about where we’re at.”

On whether the towel was asked about during the game:

“The towel was asked about during the game and that’s what we explained the officials at that time.”

On if the equipment manager rubs a substance on a towel:

“I understand a lot of golfers use the towel to dry their grips in inclement weather but it is pretty widely used throughout the NFL.”

On using a particular brand of towel:

“There is but I’m not going to get into it. I don’t need to help anyone in terms of marketing their product.”

On his expectations on a punishment from the NFL:

“I think it’s something that obviously has been brought to the league’s attention. If they decide that teams shouldn’t use it, there are going to be a lot of teams having to change what they use.”

On whether the use of the towel is new to the league:

“I believe this is the first time it was brought to their attention. It was brought to their attention by Denver and then a lot of the attention that’s come out of it over the last three or four days came from the same sources.”

On reports of specific tape in the pockets of the equipment manager:

“That’s not what the NFL is asking us about. If you start believing everything you read, you’re going to be chasing a lot of wrong stories.”

On why the officials were not previously aware of the towel if its use is so wide spread:

“It has been asked about in the past. In fact one of the officials in the past said that he thought it would be a good thing for him to use to dry his gloves when he is playing golf, according to the equipment guys.”

On a report that the equipment guy in question initially refused to hand over the towel:

“Don’t believe everything you read. What we’re telling you is how this thing was handled. I don’t believe anyone refused to turn over any material. The official came over to me and talked to us. You’re making a lot bigger deal of something that happened during the game.”

On when the issue occurred during the game:

“Probably in the late third quarter.”

On whether the NFL prohibited the use of the towel for the remainder of the game:

“I don’t know what they did with the towel at that point.”

On ever having a bye week like this one with so much off the field (news):

“This bye week with our group; we’ve got a great room in there. I do not think the guys in that room [the locker room] care about the things you’re talking about. I think they care about getting ready for the Cleveland Browns. They are focusing on the things we have to do to get better. It has not been a distraction for me. Obviously I’m taking the 15 minutes to discuss it with you. Our attention has been number one, getting guys healthy. I think the bye week is coming at a good time for us there. Number two, getting ready to play on the road against Cleveland in Cleveland.”

On the decision to put kicker Nate Kaeding on the injured reserve list:

“We are sitting here at the half way mark in terms of where we’re at. We had to make a decision. We were going a man short and we had the chance to add a receiver. Nate is going to continue his rehab. He’s been a great player for us. I think the world of Nate. It is a difficult decision but it’s just something we had to do at this point.”

On bringing in wide receiver Danario Alexander and what he brings to the table:

“We’re going to find that out. We like him. He’s a big strong guy. He’s had some success and made some plays in the NFL. We’ve got some time to get him going.”

On the energy in practice today:

“One of our strengths has been the way these guys have responded. They’ve come back and practiced at a high level. We have high-energy guys. It is one of the reasons we have been able to build leads in games. Obviously we know what we need to do. We need to go play a complete game.”

On speculation that the team’s confidence is going south:

“I think this is a very confident group. We’ve had a couple tough endings of games. Obviously I thought the way we started the game, the way we played through a lot of the game the other night; our guys showed they responded to what happened in New Orleans. This group has a lot of fight in them and I don’t see anyone lacking confidence.”


Linebacker Shaun Phillips

On his thoughts about the issues brought up during the bye week:

“I got up to speed when I got back. As far as I know, I haven’t seen anyone use Stickum or anything like that. We just have to let the league take care of everything and keep on working to take care of what we need to take care of on our end.”

On whether or not he’s ever used Stickum:

“I play on defense and I rush the passer so there’s no sense in me ever doing it. I haven’t seen anything myself.”

On his thoughts of the team being called cheaters:

“Cheater is a big word. I’ve seen a lot of cheating in the NFL. I don’t know that you could consider the use of Stickum to be cheating. But it always sucks because you never want to be cast as a cheater. All you have to do is keep playing and doing what you’re doing. Let people say what they have to say and take care of your own business.”

On whether nor not he’s happy to face a rookie quarterback this week:

“You want to play the best most of the time. He (Brandon Weeden) is a young quarterback and he’s getting better as he goes on. We’re still going to approach it the same way. We’re going to stop the run first and try to pressure the quarterback. That’s our goal and game plan every week whether we’re playing the first quarterback taken in the draft or the last quarterback taken in the draft. We have to focus on ourselves and worry about ourselves.”

On the level of team confidence:

“I wouldn’t say that the team confidence has gone south, but we do have to do a better job of finishing. That’s proven. But we take care of that by winning a football game. If we win a football game, some of those things go out the door. We have an opportunity to get better this week. We have gotten better as a team but we want to get better while we’re on the winning side of it, not get better on the losing side. We know that we’re going in the right direction and the key and cure-all to everything is winning.”

On whether or not today’s practice showed signs of improvement:

“One thing that I believe and that I was spreading around the field and locker room today is that if you want to change, you have to do something different. Each player was out there and working on something different whether it was something in your technique, conditioning or running your routes better. It isn’t that we have to do a lot better. We just have to do it a little better. We’ll be a better team and start producing victories. We’re 3-3 and it’s not like our season is over. We’re going on the road to play a team that’s getting better and better every week as well.”

On his role as a leader:

“My role personally is to keep the energy out there in practice because once we start licking our wounds, that’s when it becomes a problem. In order to win you have to keep on preparing and do a little bit more. I’m going to pick up my effort. I always look at things that I have to do better. If I do better, we all do better. That’s why I’m going to continue to go about my business and make sure that I get better personally. I think everyone else is going to adopt that philosophy.”

On how he feels about the Chargers being counted out:

“It takes the pressure off you when you’re been counted out. I’ve been here when people picked us to win every year and we didn’t win. The Super Bowl isn’t made and won in week six. We prepare every week, but we know that the margin for error gets smaller each week. Before, it’s always been said that the Chargers don’t know how to start. Now it’s being said that we don’t know how to finish. It’s kind of funny. We didn’t finish two games and we lost against two very good teams. It just shows that you can’t give good teams life. We gave them life and that was our fault. Everyone pointed their finger at Philip (Rivers) last week, but if the defense would have gotten a stop then we would have won the ball game. So as a defense we take it on ourselves and as a team that we have to do better. We had a little let down and a setback, but a setback is a setup for something great.”


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