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Training Camp Quotebook: July 23

Posted Jul 23, 2012

Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner:

“These two days were dealing with our young guys getting back into the swing of things before our veterans get here. We start practice Thursday.”

On why veteran linebacker Larry English practiced today:

“Larry has missed some time.  He is able to be here and wanted to be here.  Like I said, all the mental reps are good for the guys.  It is no different than Phillip (Rivers) or Charlie (Whitehurts) being here.”

On the similarity between today’s practice and Thursday’s full-squad practice:

“The first two days are instillation and we will start over again on Thursday. It is an opportunity to hear it again, hear it in the huddle again, and hear it in practice.  Not the volume or numbers but certainly a lot of the main stuff to get them more comfortable.”

On what a new player like running back Jackie Battle is will need to do the first two weeks to get things down:

“The biggest thing for a guy like Jackie is that he is a veteran player and he has been in similar systems like ours.  He is an experienced player and understands concepts.  I would expect him to pick things up extremely quickly. He is a really good special teams player and will spend a lot of time over there this first week and get comfortable with that.  He is a big player, about 245 pounds and was impressive today.”

On the player’s retention of football knowledge following the break between mini-camp and Training Camp:

“I was impressed. It is hardest for the young guys because you want to get out of here and relax your body.  When you get back it jumps on you quickly. But, I thought they handled it well today.”

On whether he gave them any kind of buffer or extra time to prepare:

“They understand our sense of urgency. If your one of the 11 guys on the field you have to do it right. There is no such thing as an excuse for being a young guy or new, they have to go.  I told them this morning, the better you know your stuff and the more comfortable you are with it, you will be able play faster and compete. That is what we are trying to accomplish here.”

On whether he is more frustrated working exclusively with rookies than working with the full team, including veterans:

“No, I think we are just trying to create that sense of urgency with these young guys.  It is about this time of year when someone says you are young, more than they did last year.”

On center David Molk’s short shorts during practice:

“It looked like a throwback, like it was 1972.  We will find him some shorts that get down to his knees.”

Defensive End Kendall Reyes

On rookies reporting to camp before veterans:

“This is an opportunity that we rookies get early on, to really get our feet wet and get back in the hang of things. The veterans, they’ve been doing training camp for a while, and you’ve really got to fully understand what’s going on, so it’s good to get in early and get our feet wet before everything gets into play.”

On how well he retained coaches’ instructions during the break between OTAs and training camp:

“I wrote everything down, so I just made sure I studied it over the break. The plays, I could retain all of that, but getting back on the field, remembering all the techniques, it takes a little bit of time, but it’s still definitely all coming back.”

On his emotions checking into training camp last night:

“I was pumped, it’s that time of year again going into football. You know, this is what we do, this is what we love, so I’m excited to be back on the field and I’m excited to prove myself to this team.”

On the defensive line’s hand-to-hand drills:

“Basically, when you’re in the trenches as a defensive player, I want to keep the guy on the offense’s hands off me, because that’s where all his power comes from. So basically, we’re just working on techniques to keep their hands off of us, get by them and get to the quarterback. You don’t want to let him get his hands on you because a lot of these guys are really strong, so when it comes to pass situations, if you let them get their hands on you, it’s going to be really hard to get to the quarterback.”

On which players have impressed him so far in training camp:

“Everyone’s impressive. Everyone did a good job when they went back home, and everyone looks pretty good so far.”

On the Chargers coaches’ expectations:

“Coaches always expect perfection, and it also keeps us striving to get better as players, because if you’ve got coaches saying, ‘good job’ all the time, you can get complacent. So it’s good to have coaches on you because you’re always trying to work harder to get better. So I’d rather the offensive coaches be mad than the defensive coaches.”

Outside Linebacker Melvin Ingram

On whether it is difficult to retain previous football knowledge:

“After you refresh your memory going through meetings, [the knowledge] comes back eventually.”

On whether he spent time studying his playbooks during the break:

“I spent a lot of time studying it because I still have my playbook they gave me after the draft.”

On what position he focuses on:

“I look at outside linebacker and also I look at defensive end. There is not just one position I solely focus on. I try to focus on both.”

On how difficult it is to sort out the plays between the two positions:

“It is really not that difficult [to sort them out]. You can’t just try to learn every play. You have to learn the play and the concept. So I just try to put each play into a concept to make it easier.”

On how he felt going up against Philip Rivers:

“It’s a wonderful experience to go against a player of his caliber and try to work hard against him. I always recognize it as a blessing.”

On what he wants to work on:

“[I want to work on] every aspect of me as a person and as a football player. You can never be too good at something to where you forget about it and work more on something else. I try to work on every aspect.”

On the difference between college football and professional football:

“It’s really not a big difference. It’s just a higher caliber of football so the speed and accountability is increased. In South Carolina, we held each other to a high standard of accountability so it’s really not too different.”

On his expectations for himself for the upcoming season:

“I just to get better every day and go out and be successful.”

On his thoughts of this being “real” now:

“It has been real for me. All of it has been real. It’s just a blessing to get this opportunity. You think about it as a kid and finally getting the opportunity to do it is just a blessing.”

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