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Quotebook: Top Wide Receiver Prospects

Posted Feb 22, 2014

See what the top wide receiver prospects had to say in their media availabilities.

Here are a handful of quotes from some of the top wide receiver prospects here at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Jared Abbrederis – Wisconsin

On his best attributes…

“I think a couple different things. I think the main one would be my route-running. I take pride in that, getting in and out of breaks; that’s where the DB can really gain the ground. At the top of a route, trying to be quick in and out of your cut. Also catching the football and just being smart, knowing where to be at the right time, understanding coverages, understanding the offense, concepts. When you understand a whole play, it helps you play a lot faster, so that’s kind of what I pride myself on.”

On when he realized he had NFL potential…

“I’d say probably sophomore year, especially after having Nick Toon with me. Then he left and went to the league, so just knowing that I played with a couple guys that went ot the league and done some good things. My sophomore year, my first year playing, starting with Russell Wilson and some other great guys on that team, that was really the year that I saw that it wasn’t out of the picture.”

On the chip on his shoulder…

“I obviously have the underdog mentality. I think the biggest thing for me, I’m a goal-setter. So when I set a goal I do everything in my power to achieve that. Growing up, I’ve always been like that, and that just kind of carried on through my career as a walk-on, once I earned a scholarship, and then trying to achieve my goals here in the NFL.”

Davante Adams – Fresno St.

On the depth at the position this year…

“I already knew going into it that there were a bunch of gifted guys that are here, even that aren't considered maybe first- or second-round guys. I think they might even slip into the first round depending on how the combine goes. There's a lot of talented guys everywhere. I'm excited to be around them.”

On who he compares to…

“Tough question. I think I'm a mixture of guys. I like Brandon Marshall's game. He's a receiver that can run. I like Megatron. Obviously, I don't want to step on any toes saying I compare myself to one of the best players in the NFL. So I'd definitely say I model my game after those type of guys.”

On what he’s telling teams…

“They're going to get, in my eyes, the best receiver in this draft class, a very hard worker and a guy who really loves the game. I'm extremely passionate about what I do. And I think I definitely shows when I get out there on the field.”

Kelvin Benjamin – Florida State

On what the team that drafts him will be getting…

“I’m a good team guy, in the locker room, trying to meet other guys that are coming. They’ll get a guy that’s never going to give up. And if I need to work on something, my route running, my catching, that’s what I’m going to do.”

On the key to his run after catch ability…

“First, catching it. That was one of my problems. Seeing the yards before I start to run and I wound up dropping the ball. That’s something I really have to work on. Once you catch it, you just have to keep moving, keep your legs going and get up field and everything else will take care of itself.”

On his game-winning catch in the BCS Title Game…

“It was a simple slant route. I knew Jimbo was coming back to me. Whenever there was a catch on the line or a touchdown on the line he was coming back to me and it was a slant route. I knew he (the DB) was thinking fade and so I tried to sell him on that fade route. Three steps out I got inside of him and just did what I do best, which is attack it at the highest point.”

Mike Evans – Texas A&M

On who he compares himself to…

“Yeah, you know I get a lot of Vincent Jackson comparisons, and that's a great comparison. But I think Brandon Marshall. He's vicious after the catch, big, physical guy, can go up and get it, blocks real well. So I've modeled my game after him since high school.”

On his route running…

“Everybody can improve on route running. That's a quality to have. My freshman year, I felt my route running wasn't as good. This past year, I felt I improved. But I have a high ceiling. I think I'm one of the best players in this draft and I think I can just getting better.”

On working with and learning from James Lofton in San Diego…

“Just being a great guy, just growing up as a man. He's teaching me to be a better football player as well, but he's teaching me a lot of off the field things, too.”

Jarvis Landry - LSU 

On what he needs to do to be successful in the NFL…

“Just not get content with being here and experiencing the things I’ve been experiencing. I think my work ethic at LSU and even in high school, it’s grown. It’s not being average. I fail at being average. For me, it’s about trying to get better, challenging guys to get better and being a leader.”

On what he brings to the table…

“I’m a selfless guy. And I believe in other people’s success. Obviously, you know, playing with those guys and the success they had, but also, you’re going to get a football player. I’m a football player. I’m going to play special teams, I’m hard to bring down across the middle. I’m going to block linebackers, safeties. It doesn’t matter. Just the little things that people forget.”

On his decision to leave school early…

“Actually, it wasn’t too hard. My job going into this past offseason, I told myself I was going to make it as hard as possible with Coach Cam and Coach Miles to make me stay with my senior year in mind the whole time. I had a productive year along with another 1,000 yard receiver, a 1,000 yard running back and a 500 yard running back. For me, when we got in the office and talked, it wasn’t about me staying. It was about them understanding and them basically saying farewell to the career that I had at LSU.”

Marqise Lee - USC

On what type of player an NFL team will get in him…

“Pretty much everything they see on film. Somebody who is going to go out there and get it, to honestly tell you the truth, give it your all, 120 percent, just go out there and make plays.”

On what teams are concerned about him…

“Injury of course, trying to rush it back. It's a little bit my fault. Loss of focus as far as not looking the ball all the way in before getting too comfortable. Not looking the ball all the way in before I make a run, running before catching the ball, things like that.”

On his comfort level with the West Coast Offense and other systems…

“I'm pretty familiar with it. At the end of the day, I can honestly tell you it doesn't matter which offense I play in. I just want to get the chance to actually play.”

 Jordan Mathews - Vanderbilt

On how he compares to other receivers in the draft…

“I think I stack up great against every wide receiver here. I think everybody brings their own type of unique capabilities and I think I have some attributes that are better than other guys and there are some things I definitely have to work on and I am going to continue to work on those things during this whole draft process. But if you ask me, I always feel like I am going to best the best. I feel like I am the best guy here. I felt like when I ended college I was the NCAA’s active leader in receiving yards, so the numbers speak for themselves. I was able to make the most of my career at Vanderbilt, and I plan to do that at the next level too.”

On his best attributes…

“I think my competitiveness. Being at Vanderbilt we had a lot of adversity, we had a lot of change. We had three head coaches, six different quarterbacks, three offensive coordinators, three wide receivers coaches. I think a lot of guys around the country played with a little more stability but I was able to adapt to change and I feel like I was able to come out and be one of the top in my fields. So I feel like that is something different about me. I feel like that is something that carried me the whole time was always my competitiveness, the way I came to practice every day and the way I had that chip on my shoulder all the way from high school. I think that has carried me and will help me out moving to the next level too.”

On surprising people…

“Hey, there is nothing wrong with being under the radar. At the end of the day I only compete with myself. The radar that I worry about is the one that Jordan Matthews is worried about. As long as I go each day and am trying to be the best player that I can be, then I feel like that is going to help me the most. As far as radars and projections and all those things are concerned, I really don’t pay that much attention, I just have to make sure I can be the best player I can be each day.”

Sammy Watkins - Clemson

On what he worked on to prepare for the Combine…

“Everything. As far as route running that’s what I’ve got to improve in to become a dominant player in the NFL and that’s where I’ve been putting my focus at all through my training and I think I got better over the course of training and I will have some pretty crisp and nice routes out there.”

On playing bigger than his height…

“For me, I try to be physical out there on the field as far as getting off press, blocking down the field. To be that dominant receiver I need to have that total package. Everyone knows all wide receivers can catch balls and score, but for me I’m focusing on the little things – blocking, getting off the press and being a physical, dominant receiver.”

On the difference between college and the NFL…

“It’s a more physical sport up there. You are not going to be able to run free and play around like I did in college. Guys are going to be out there sticking on me. It’s going to be a way more physical game.”

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