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Charger Girls - Appearance Guidelines

SCHEDULING: The Charger Girls are available for a limited number of appearances, depending on the time of year requests are made. During the months of March, April, May and June, and every Saturday during the season, the cheerleaders are typically not available due to rehearsals and team training. Cheerleaders are also generally not available on the days of home games.

GENERAL APPEARANCES: A minimum of two cheerleaders is required for all general appearances. We request that the client provide a secure area near the appearance location for cheerleaders to store personal belongings. Please have water available. It is possible to request a particular individual cheerleader, but we reserve the right, pending her availability, to substitute other team members.

PERFORMANCE APPEARANCES: A minimum of four cheerleaders is required for all appearances involving a dance performance. Client must provide a sound system equipped with a cd player, and a small room where the cheerleaders can warm up.

APPEARANCE LENGTH/ATTIRE: Appearances generally vary from one to three hours. Extended times for events such as golf tournaments or out-of-town appearances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Cheerleaders generally wear their official team uniforms with pom pons, but if requested, they can wear more casual clothing such as t-shirt and team-identified warm-up outfits. To view the uniforms, visit

FEES/PAYMENT: The standard appearance rate is $300 per cheerleader per hour.  All appearance fees must be received ten (10) days prior to your scheduled event. Please make checks payable to: e2k Sports. Checks should be mailed to: e2k Sports, Accounting, 445 N. Whisman Road, Suite 100, Mountain View, CA  94043. For questions, please call (650) 336-1100

For charity, school-related, or community service events we will waive the standard appearance fees and charge only $175 per cheerleader per hour to offset travel and other expenses incurred. The charity appearance rate is offered for up to four (4) cheerleaders.

Payment by credit card will require an additional 3% processing fee.

TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENTS: In most cases, there are no travel fees associated with cheerleader appearances. However, if an appearance is more than twenty miles away from San Diego County, the client should be prepared to offer travel compensation. We will make best efforts to minimize the expense, and will evaluate on a case by case basis.

PROMOTING CHEERLEADER APPEARANCES: Use of name, logos, and trademark and/or any advertising that implies the support or sponsorship by the Chargers, must be approved in writing by the San Diego Chargers. Before promoting a appearance, please check with e2k at 650.336.1100 for acceptable forms of wording. This policy pertains to all forms of advertising, including print, television, radio, posters, website, or other.

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